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I love to be a Woman and so do all womenfolk!

International Women Day is celebrated worldwide to celebrate women achievement. This day gives us an opportunity to celebrate our womanhood and our attributes together.

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Its depressing!

I am scared picking up newspaper every morning nowadays. Tidings are bad. Retrenchments, frauds, shutdowns, further leading to suicides and murders, has created an atmosphere of uncertainty around us. I always try to look forward to some positive spark around to come out of my negativity’s and keep on moving, because I consider its important to keep on moving in life. But certainly it demands some kind of passion in life which comes from your profession for some people.

Today news from Los Angel es describe the sad story of a father murdering his 5 kids and wife before shooting himself  due to his over debt situation. Daily such stories are coming around and its making me ponder that how helpless we become in such situations that we are pushed to kill our near ones. ITS FRUSTRATING! I just pray God to provide every individual energy to come out and certainly not give up to any negative situations around them. May be this time is to ponder upon ourselves. Like how we have become. Job is necessary for survival but not to certain extent that we loose our balance without it. May be we are getting a chance to look for more survival sources around us. In today’s times there are so many platforms to earn money. Its just that you have to balance yourself. Don’t make your ego so high that you cannot take monetary downfall easily. Life is precious. Don’t base it on materialism. Trust your family and teach your family values of life and don’t lead them to materialistic life. 

As a woman I think we have to check first ourselves that we are not getting into materialism.Don’t let your ambitions overpower you. Your family is your priority and not your ego. And now being wife and mother you have to check that your family is not turning to materialistic family. Nurture  love for each other in family and around your world as that’s the only key to real happiness!

If God was a Banker by Ravi Subramanian!

The book is an eye-opener to the reality behind the corporate working culture of international banks. Really, this book will leave you with a feeling of bitterness of the way the ambitions are achieved at the cost of integrity and values.

Those who are working in the corporate environment or are aware of the work culture there will not be bothered, but for people like me who are just having no paths crossed across the corporate lanes(and I really thank God for it!) is something, what to say general awareness kind of thing:).

I will appreciate Ravi Subramanian style of writing. Story is certainly not having loose breaks in between. You just want to finish the whole story in one go. You cannot just leave it. It really excites you and you can relate to it at some places. Character of Sundeep, Swami,,Aditya are build very strongly and author has done justice to every character.Rising the ladder of success by losing ones integrity and values can never help you to achieve success in life. That’s the crux of the story. Honesty is really the best policy in world, and that applies to banking culture also. The story reflects the  struggle of power , status, ambitions in the competitive banking scenario as the background.

The other reason why I liked the story was it high-lites the plight of working women. What challenges women have to face in their working environment, how they are being  abused and exploited by their bosses and how they are strong enough to face such oddities of work culture and come out a winner. Author has really put effort to bring out all female characters strongly. At certain places you feel woman herself  is responsible for her exploitation as she uses her femininity to climb the ladder of success.

Hats off to Ravi Subramanian to bring out such a splendid story to us!

Relationships are changing and so the approach!

Recently there was a news update that parents are joining social networking sites to be friends with their kids.In today’stimes parents don’t want to be bounded in the parameters of ‘MOTHER’ and ‘FATHER’ status. They want to be open minded to them in terms of  relationship. They are fully aware that the more liberal they are the more verbal their kid will be with them.Social networking sites are really benefiting these parents  to come closer to their kids. Though many kids will never like their parents to be in their friend’s list , but some are doing. This change in attitude shows that how comfortable these kids are with their parents. That shows the ease of  communication between them.

Relationships are important in every individuals life. In today’s times of uncertainty strong relationships give you emotional strength to fight with odds of life. Parent child relationship is the foremost relationship in anybodies life.Platform like orkut can provide a support to this relationship by enhancing awareness about each other and thus creating interest in each other. Its a pleasure to see parents scraping their kids, writing testimonials and doing other activities on social networking site for each other.

Every relationship demands limits and so the relationship with parents also. You cannot expect your kid to be so open that he will share each details of his life with you. Give him his space.Avoid certain things which worry you.Let him handle his life  in his own way and make sure you are always present there for the support if  required. Then only your child will be comfortable in interacting with you on such platform like orkut. Let the trust build with time and see the miracle of that trust!

Happy networking!

Its tough to decide for any mother, who has just delivered the baby!

Rachida Dati did it. Her controversial act of getting pregnant first without getting married, then refusing to name the father of the baby and now going back to her work just after 5 days of her baby’s delivery is eyebrow raising!

Rachida is a French Justice Minister. She is 42, she is single, and she is glamorous. While she was in the hospital for the delivery, she was following the ministry affairs. We can really appreciate her determination and focused nature, but at the cost of her motherhood which is debatable. Now whats shocking to mothers of whole world is that she is back to her work after 5 days of her Cesarean section. She never utilized her maternity leaves provided by the office. This can create pressure on other working women throughout world. If she can do it why not others?

Its a personal decision for every mother how much time she wants to spend with her child. May be being single and fear of being thrown out of the ministry forced Rachida to go back as earliest to her work. But certain issues in life cannot be ignored. Relationships like mother and baby need time to nurture and if you don’t give that time to your baby then you are really missing something in life.

I certainly criticize Rachida act. She should give second thoughts to her decision and not set a bad example to other working mothers around world!

Kids in love!

January 10, 2009

Just came across the news from Germany that police caught a boy and girl of 6- 7yrs eloping from their houses to marry each other!

Isn’t it shocking!

Children at this age are still busy with their dolls and balls or cycling around. Thoughts of marriage and then eloping from their houses requires certain level of awareness and confidence, which I think kids get naturally, thanks to the Media and Internet these days. Kids are approaching adult stage in their life very early these days. Its  very scary. Childhood is the most cherished stage of life for any adult.The innocence of childhood is priceless. Though the whole idea of eloping from their house to get married , with their baggage  is innocent but it can lead to extreme results. It gives me goose bumps to just think , what would have happened if they were not spotted by the police. Outer world is so dangerous for kids nowadays, everybody is aware of.

Kids are smart nowadays. They are mostly aware of things  going around so its foolery to think they are unknown to things happening around them. The only solution is to talk to them as much as we can. When we talk to them they come out with lots of questions and then they can ask you anything.I am not that much experienced in matter of child handling. I really want suggestions from my readers, what can we do to save our kids innocence. 

Start suggesting please!